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Is There a Pot of Gold At The End of The Rainbow?

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Probably not. If you look closely, you can see a waterman in his boat out early in the morning checking crabpots to see how many crabs he may have caught. You can also see the rainbow ends in the creek just to the left of where he is working. If he caught a good catch for the day, any other time it would be good, but it is different now. The coronavirus pandemic has shut restaurants, one of the main outlets for seafood and the prices of oysters and crabs are plunging.

There are many places throughout the country, including our area, that are struggling with meat processing plant closures due to the covid-19 virus stricken workers. Meat is scarce in the stores and people are becoming increasing upset that the food chain is breaking down. However, there are alternatives to poultry, beef and pork as a source of protein. Seafood is one of those sources.

If you are having difficulty finding hamburger, pork chops or chicken legs in your local grocery, consider buying seafood. You will be helping out a waterman who is trying to make a living, too. It may not me agriculture, but it is aquaculture.