SUNSET COVE FARM, LLC is a small grain farming operation located on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  Growing mostly wheat and soybeans with a small percentage of it's acreage in corn production, Sunset Cove Farm has evolved to keep pace with the ever changing economy and local area.

        Originally, Sunset Cove Farm was a small farm devoted to horseback riding instruction, horse boarding and breeding, but the economic downturn of 2007 forced a re-purposing of the operation.  Today, the tradition of tilling the land as this family has done on the Eastern Shore since the mid 1600's continues.

What Happens On Sunset Cove Farm

Antique Farm Equipment

Antique farm equipment becomes available for sale from time to time and limited repair and restoration is available.

Custom Saw Milling

Custom saw milling is available on a limited basis.

The Farm

Sunset Cove Farm grows what some call row crops, i.e. corn, wheat and soybeans.